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NCLEX Today-Good Pop Up


Hi Everyone

Could it be really over??? I took the nclex exam today for 3 1/2 hrs. I took a break on # 80 (because,I am a slow test taker, and I loose focus quick) came back started doingquestions again, I looked up at the computer it said100 questions so I kept doing questions for about 30 more minutes and it shutoff so Im guessing it shut off on 10 or 15 more questions, ...I don't know exactly what number it shut off at because i didn't want tofocus too much on the number I was on because this is my 3rd attempt ofbattling this monsterous nclex, the first time it shut off at 75and I failed (Ididn't know what the heck I was walking in to) and the second time I think I wouldhave passed but I lost ALL patience, I actually started guessing around 230 questions, the computer ended upgiving me the WHOLE 265 questions for the WHOLE 6 HRS( and I was not mentallyprepared for that...big mistake...I learned my lesson though... the hard way).

I have been reading posts here since I was taking pre-reqs for nursingso I have been lurking for a long time, I never typed or responded because Iseriously thought I had nothing to offer, but today I may. I was so skepticalon doing the PVT because of the back and forth of it being dead or alive...I waslike I aint got time for that, that is going to drive me crazy....yeah right, Igot home tried to stay busing for about 2 hours and couldn't take it anymore...I pulledout a credit card that I knew didn't have $200 in it and prayed as I put my info in, Ihit submit and my computer kept thinking about veeerrry slowly, I actuallywaited about a minute, so I hit the backspace and I had to do everything again,hit submit and the GOOD POP UP came across the screen "OUR RECORDS INDICATETHAT YOU HAVE RECENTLY SCHEDULED THIS EXAM. ANOTHER REGISTRATION CANNOT BE MADEAT THIS TIME" I know this is not official but damn it feels good...again, can this really be over!!!! I'llkeep you guys posted....

RNfindingherway, BSN, RN

Has 3 years experience.

Congrats in advance. I really hope it is over for you. I strongly believe it is over for you.

akulahawkRN, ADN, RN, EMT-P

Specializes in Emergency Department. Has 6 years experience.

Congratulations on getting this far! I would, however, suggest that you wait about 24 hours and try the PVT again. Your exam needs to be scored a 2nd time and there's no telling exactly when that 2nd scoring will happen, but typically it seems to be within 24 hours. I don't think the 2nd scoring goes further out than than as some places seem to post your license numbers fairly quickly and according to some posters here, they've had their results flip from pass to fail or fail to pass at around 24 hours, indicating that the 2nd scoring has taken place.