NCLEX test taking and storm Sandy in NYC


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I can not beleive it. My test has been canceled again. What is wrong with Pearson?! Why they keep sending us at that testing center if they do not plan to open it soon. Also my ATT will expire Jan 04!!! All this because of all these cancelation. What am I supposed to do regarding my ATT? Pearson will not accommodate people that has been rescheduled 2-3 times, that is not fair!!! They should have a backup plan. All the stress regarding NCLEX and now this, test canceled 3 TIMES!!!!!!!! OMG this is too much


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I was also scheduled to take my exam at the 100 Williams street office since November 3, 2012. I rescheduled my exam due to the Hurricane for Nov 17. All week I was calling the office to see if they were going to be open and the recording was old and now it's not taking any messages. I called the 1800 number and they didnt have any information as well. I was tired of the back and forth so I rescheduled for another facility. I was able to get a date within a few days. The trick is I constantly logged on and searched 4 facilities. Dates pop up when one cancels and reschedules their appointments. I saw a few dates available for the 45th street office and the Brooklyn office. Just constantly log on and watch the dates. I dont anticipate the William street office being open any time soon. Good luck on a new date and good luck on your Nclex.

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When you reschedule, choose a different testing center. You can take the NCLEX at any testing center in the US. I'd suggest going to NJ- away from the coast, if you can.


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You can try the Manhattan office that is located on West 45th street. I rescheduled with the Rego Park, Queens office. I was told by the Rego Park office that the 100 Williams Street office still did not have power. Just check the website constantly since dates pop up all the time.

Good luck