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Nclex test number #2


Hello any and everybody,

I am taking the nclex pn a second time :unsure: in two weeks and was wondering what others have studied?? I live in Texas so I don't know if all nclex pn exams are the same everywhere or what..... Right now I'm doing ati and a nclex pn flash card book.

Thanks to anyone who responds. :yes:

This will be my 3rd time . I'm also doing ati ( tutor ) & I'm going to purchase Kaplan qbank && Ncsbn just for questions ! Best wishes


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Okay ...I have taken the nclex-pn and failed in 2014. I am now studying for the retake this summer. What I have done is get a schedule where I study for 2 to 4 hrs everyday.. but what I need to understand is the content of the subject first. Yes it is very long but I need to understood topic in the questions. I wasn't very sure what they were asking. I have attended a live ATI nclex review for pn. I was taught a great deal of things. But you have to find what works for you...I will not schedule myself yet because I am not there yet. I heard there is a good book out there that just explain how to break the questions down ..not sure the name of the book? ATI review they said to reword the question and remember we are who we are...most of us are techs so we see things through those eyes sometimes..let it go...look at the answers...But for sure ATI was good at explaining things better for me. My first test I never used a live review only a lot of books and and no study plan...good luck

Thanks Jmsimpson10 best of luck to you well and I'll look into those materials!

DJAYS yes I am a ati nclex review online and it's been very helpful. I think that my problem is that I'm not understanding the question. When it states what is the nurses action or what is the priority intervention things like that.... I'll get down soon I hope maybe lots of Qbank book will but idk... I know you can never really study for nclex you just have to know the core content.

But of luck to you and thank you for the info! :)

If you need to strengthen your content you should really really get the HURST online videos. I honestly think I passed because of hurst and practicing questions. It comes with a workbook. make sure you get the workbook.


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Yes..Yes.. I do have that two..along with the ATI live review that I went to. I enjoy the Hurst review the videos are good she breaks it down.