Ok so I tested yesterday and it shut off at 75. I am a terrible test taker and was shocked when it turned off. I never really feel good after test even the ones I pass or fail but decided to try the PVT and got the bad message. I have done ATI, Hurst and uworld and I am completely devastated. I won't get my unofficial results till tomorrow but if anyone has any positive thoughts please let me know. I am trying not to lose it because I can't believe I would fail with 75. Not sure where to go from here if I did fail.


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Did you try the PVT?


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Shutting off at 75 questions mean either you did extremely well or extremely bad. If you did very well in nursing school, then you passed. If you were a mediocre student, then unfortunately you did not pass.


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Am so sorry if it happened to be but hopefully it won't. Do no loose hope, wait until you see your official result.

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You don't know until you know and you don't know anything based on the PVT... which some people swear by but others have challenged and about which I myself am skeptical for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the money being made by people paying for expedited scores. If the PVT was legit, it would have been fixed 10 years ago in what's very simple insofar as coding goes.

You'll find out soon enough and then take action from there.

Failing at 75 questions seems highly unlikely, particularly given that the first-time pass rate is in the mid-80's percetage.


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Did you pass? I failed my first time and tried the pvt and put in wrong expiration date and it said wrong credit card information. The next day checked and failed.