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NCLEX 2016

In the prioritization delegation book it says "It is poor test taking to read rationales for the incorrect answers; the studentswill remember reading the rationale but not if the rationale was for the correct or incorrectanswer".

Does anyone have any input on this? I thought you should read all rationales.


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I have to respectfully disagree with that comment! I have used Uworld for the last month to help me prepare for the NCLEX and have found that by reading the rationales for why something is wrong, I gain a much deeper understanding of why the right answer is correct! I have no problem remembering both the correct and incorrect rationales. This not only helps things "stick" for me, but I am able to take those rationales from the incorrect answers and apply them to other questions!

Thanks I was thinking the same way until I read that quote. I can see both sides though.

I disagree as well, I think that if you look at all the rationales it helps you further understand why the correct answer is in fact correct. Reading just the right one would be more memorization in my opinion. But you do what you feel works better for you!

Thanks I agree it helps with the reasoning of the correct answer and why the others are incorrect.


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