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ApricotTea specializes in OB/GYN.

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  1. Air Force Nurse- NTP OB

    Sent you a PM!
  2. Air Force Nurse- NTP OB

    I was able to get into OB as a direct commission along with three other people I went to NTP with. Out of the six total who were doing OB the year I was selected, only two came in via ROTC... so definitely don't be afraid to apply as a new grad and d...
  3. Air Force Nurse- NTP OB

    To piggyback off of jfratian's comment, when I went to NTP, there were only 4 or 5 of us who were selected for OB via direct commission... myself included. And that was between two NTP sites.
  4. Air Force NTP 2018

    Check your PM's!
  5. Air Force NTP 2018

    I'll send you a PM!
  6. Air Force NTP 2018

    Hi all! Congratulations to everyone selected! I just wanted to come in and let you guys know that if you have any questions about COT and NTP, definitely feel free to PM me! I was in your shoes a year ago and remember I had so many questions about CO...
  7. Air Force COT Oct 2016

    Woah... blast from the past, I was actually wondering how you were doing carolinapooh after I found out I was selected for NTP because all of your posts were, and still are, some of my favorites! Even though I was a lurker back then and I grew up a m...
  8. Air Force CNM

    Gehrs10, I'm going to PM you!
  9. Air Force NTP Applicant FY17

    Just Sent it!
  10. Air Force NTP Applicant FY17

    Jazi do you mind if I PM you?
  11. Air Force NTP Applicant FY17

    I put down almost every base I could go to as a new OB nurse. The bases that I wanted to avoid weren't even an option for me so I'll pretty much be happy wherever I go! However, I'm really hoping I go to either JBER or Langley!
  12. Air Force NTP Applicant FY17

    Just got off the phone with my recruiter! I was selected for OB! The calls are coming you guys, don't get discouraged!
  13. Air Force NTP Applicant FY17

    I haven't heard anything either but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Congrats you guys!
  14. Air Force NTP Applicant FY17

    That's a bummer. Did your recruiter go into specifics or give you an idea as to why it is taking so long this go around?
  15. Air Force NTP Applicant FY17

    Hey everyone! I decided to finally come out of the woodwork... I've applied for NTP as well and am currently hurrying up and waiting just like everyone else! Hopefully we hear something on Monday!