Hello all!!

I just took my NCLEX exam, and I would to share a little story about my journey as I sit here next to my wife, who is in labor. I graduated with my ADN in May of 2015, and I was so motivated and excited to be done, also motivated to start studying for the dreaded NCLEX!! as I waited patiently for my IP to come so I can schedule a test date, my class mates were passing me by, taking the exam, passing, getting jobs. I contacted the BRN, I didn't wait long after my classmates all got their IP's to call, and I found out that my school had made some big errors on my application to the state. It took me 7 months to fix. By now all my friends from school are working, with their liscenses. I studied very little while I was battling with the BRN, as soon as I scheduled the test date, I pulled out the big guns, HURST! SAUNDERS! KAPLAN WEBSITE! every day for about 3-4 hours except for Sundays, because it's the Lord's day (I lie it was because I love football) so I took my Test yesterday Feb11 2016 questions were similar to the KAPLAN QUESTION TRAINER, I took 190 questions in 5 hours (slow and steady) I did not try the PVT. Now I'm here patiently waiting for my son to come so we can wish him a happy birthday and welcome him to our lives!

I will post an update when I get my results.

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Welcome to AN, and congrats on the baby!

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Welcome and good luck