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Nclex at 76

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I did my nclex for the second time on June 21 and got the green screen. Am so tensed up. The first time I did I failed and got 75 questions. Any advice?


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Please just relax. Nothing you can do to change the score right now.

If your state participates in a quick result, do si after 48 hours. Otherwise, sit back and relax.

Ha! Before I opened the thread I thought it meant you took the nclex at 76 years old! I was going to say way to not let a dream die!!

(Good luck on your results :) )

Okay. Let me wait. Just praying I passed. Yes TX has the quick results in 48 hrs. Let me wait. Crossing my fingers

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Good luck

Just found that I failed. Planning on taking kaplan. Feel so miserable but am going down with it