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Hi everyone!!

I finished my schooling a year ago this month. I took my PN NCLEX once shortly after and failed. I had to start working full time to pay bills after this so I have yet to stop and test again nor make myself study. I am looking for advice on the best prep courses before I schedule another test?? Any suggestions?

There really is not a "best" NCLEX review course because what works for one may not work for the other but I can personally say that I think Hurst was very helpful not only for NCLEX but also in the clinical setting which is a bonus. From reading AN it seems Kaplan is another popular and effective way to go. You can search either of these on AN and come to your own conclusion on which would be most effective for you. I know Hurst has a PN version I am not sure about Kaplan. Maybe someone else who comes along will know.

I have seen many people post on AN about how Hurst helped them after being out of school for a while so maybe that would be helpful for you.

Also, Lacharity seems to be very effective in preparing for NCLEX for both RNs and LPNs. It was probably the best book that I bought to prepare; it prepared me very well for NCLEX priority type questions.

Good Luck to you.

Thank you for your input! I will go and compare the two. Kaplan is so expensive, they offer a guarantee to pass or a free retake course, yet it's only 6 months out of school.

I will look into Hurst! Thanks so much for the reply!

No problem! Glad I could help. I think Hurst is cheaper than Kaplan so that is a plus and they offer a free re-mediation course if you do not pass or you can get your money back. But I am sure you will pass. Positive thoughts!

I have taken PN and just passed my RN. Both times I really didn't study content, I did thousands of practice questions and read rationales. I feel that was the best way for me. Then a couple days before testing I went over common lab values. I used Exam Cram question books..they're great on the kindle! Good luck!

I have rarely heard bad things about Hurst. I'm in Kaplan right now and I'd say the only thing good about it is the QBank.