NCLEX!!! how to study???


This is gonna be my 3rd time to take the nclex and im freaking out. I didnt really study hard before and I really regret it. I,m trying Kaplan right now and I don't know if it works out for me. Im gonna take the exam a month from now. Am I ready?

Diagnostic Exam: 54

QT1: 34

QT2: 41

QT3: 44

QT4: 45

Im still not done with QT5-7

Readiness Test: 56

What do you think??? help!!!!!!!!


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I would make sure you know your content in and out. Your scores are a bit discouraging but you can always retake them and make them look good after you master your content. Saunders seems to be helping alot of people but Hurst helped me the most as I had forgotten everything. I am not an master of NCLEX as I am retaking aswell. Just sharing based on my knowledge level.

Good luck and God Bless.


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I would also do practice questions from nclex 3500/4000. Best of luck!!


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You are scoring a little under Kaplan's recommendation of 60% on your Qbank, but the real question would be to ask whether or not you have been reading through the rationales and truly working on remediating your weaknesses. This is one of the keys to success (the other is the Decision Tree!)

Good Luck


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Make sure you definitely know foundation. Since you have already taking this exam, you should be able to study without much anxiety and by now you know where your weak areas are. Stop doing questions and go back to the foundational knowledge.