Nclex study material


What study material did you guys use for nclex prep? I bought the Kaplan book and I'm wondering if an actual workshop is better?


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I'm using the ATI program provided by Excelsior, Rx for Success provided by the college network, and an exam cram book I bought from Barnes and Noble. I'll let you know if they work. I test in two weeks.

I started with the ATI deal Excelsior gives, but did not finish it. It just wasn't for me. As an Excelsior grad, you have access to it for free, so give it a try. Lots of info on it and the one on one is helpful for some.

I did a bunch of practice questions from some apps on my iPad (free with a few questions, more questions cost more, don't remember which ones exactly, but they were OK.) and NCLEX 3500 questions some.

In all truthfulness, I knew most of it from my other tests. I had to review lab values and what to do for high and low and also diets for different conditions, but otherwise I had it.

I had done around 130 questions when the computer shut off (just under 2 hours) and passed first try.

Having tested at pearson vue so many times with excelsior helped since I was already used to computer testing and had even taken a few tests at the same center.