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Hey All. I am taking my exam coming up on July 8th and thought it would be a good idea to get some study topics going. This will be my third time testing and I'm gettin kinda nervous!! I just want to be really prepared for all types of questions. If you can state some areas you were tested over that will help me determine whether or not I have covered all topics!! Thanks so much.

Some of my common topics from my previous exams


Lyme's Disease

Myasthenia gravis


Chest tubes

Priority---who to assess first


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Sorry I have not taken test yet...but I am trying to get all the help I can get on studying so I wanted to reply to the thread so I can get the updates.


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Great topic.

COPD-usually found in the smokers, those pt should not be on a high flow because they need the co2 to stimulate their breathing...pacing activities (small frequent meals,rest between the activities) is recommended as those people experience fatigue,productive cough,dyspnea.

Cushing syndrome- the adrenal glands produce too much sugar,salt and sex hormones,findings include hyperglycemia,hypertension,periorbital edema,weight gain,hiruitism,enlarged breast in men,slim extrimities,round face and buffalo back.

Addison disease-the adrenal insufficiency,not enough sugar and salt in the body,hypoglycemia,hypotention,weight loss, loss of pottasium.

Neuroleptic malignant symptoms-toxicity from some of the anipsychotic drugs,findings include sweating,elevated temperature,muscle rigidity,tachycardia,altered LOC,autonomic dysfunction,increase in CPK


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This is a great review!

Paralytic ileus- decreased or absent peristalsis; complication of surgery/anesthesia; s/s include decreased or absent bowel sounds, abdominal distention, and feeling of fullness; nursing interventions are WITHHOLDING fluids until bowel sounds return, encouraging pt to ambulate, and nasogastric decompression as ordered by MD

For chemo. pt- Do not apply soap or lotion to area receiving treatment; only give a tepid water bath; do not expose the area to sunlight; do not wear tight clothing in the area receiving tx

Malignant hyperthermia- complication of general anesthesia; s/s include tachycardia, tachypnea, unstable blood pressure, diaphoresis, muscle rigidity; treat with Dantrolene (Dantrium), which is a skeletal muscle relaxant

Barium contrast studies- low reside diet or clear liquid diet for 2 days; NPO after midnight; give suppository or enema before test; encourage fluids after test; white stools are common for 24-72 hours after procedure

Laparoscopy- gives ability to examine abdominal and pelvic organs; abdomen is filled with CO2, which may cause SHOULDER PAIN

Just some random information! haha


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Oh my gosh!! I had tons of laparoscopy questions that dealt with shoulder pain. I had no clue why someone would have shoulder pain until I asked my mom who is a OR nurse...glad you mention it. THANKS TO ALL FOR THIS INFORMATION!! Helps a lot! :yawn:

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