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Recommendations for books/prepguides/Youtube videos/podcasts to help prep for NCLEX?

Also Is the leaRN the canadian RN exam prep guide similar to the CPNRE prep guide?

The NURSING website/app is really good with content. They have a ton of lectures in different nursing areas and also have questions. My school used Kaplan, and I actually really liked it for study as they had a lot of lectures on specific content areas and test-taking in general. I really like that they pushed "If you could only do one thing for your patient and leave" concept - this helps with answer choices. I thought about using UWorld, but the cost wasn't worth it for my exam timeline. I took the NCLEX-RN on 7/11 and passed in 60. Try not to stress about it too much, but really focus on prioritization and delegation that will result in the best outcome for patient. Wish you the best!


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My school used ATI for helping us prepare for NCLEX. But I swear by UWorld and Mark Klimek Lectures that you can find online! I also had the prioritization, delegation LaCharity book as well as Saunders, but I believe UWorld and Mark Klimek is all you need to pass! Also, most people fail due to anxiety issues when they get to the exam, I would practice relaxation techniques while taking the test and don't cram for this exam. Good luck!



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Check for the New Saunders Comprehensive