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NCLEX soon, pharm help?



So I am going to take my NCLEX in soon. Pharm is my weakest area. I tried to study different trick and some of the main drug types, but what do I do if there is a question of a drug I never heard of? How should I approach the question?

If you come across a medication that you do not know #1 don't freak out, I repeat, do not freak out. Remain calm. It happens. #2 look at the ending, you may be able to figure out what type of med it is and what it is treating which may help you answer the question.

If all else fails you may just need to make an educated guess and move on to the next question.

This thread helped me with drug endings:


...not sure if it will help you but it's worth a shot.

Good Luck!

I absolutely agree with RN403. Study common drug suffixes and choose the most logical answer. No one is expected to know everything about every drug out there, but it's always possible to end up with a question on the NCLEX with some obscure drug you've never heard of - especially now that they are only including the generic name for a lot of medications. But again, knowing suffixes will help! Study a bit more in detail on common drugs that have need-to-know protocols/side effects/labs - Digoxin, Lithium, Lasix, Nitros, Heparin, etc.

I was always freaked out about pharm as well, but it didn't seem quite as scary once I took the exam. :)

Best of luck!