Hello all, I am going into my 3rd semester of an RN program. After this semester I qualify to sit for my LPN exam. (This way I can work abit a make some money throughout my last semester/waiting to sit for the NCLEX RN). My question is what's the differance between the two. I know there are things in an RN's SOP that aren't in the SOP for an LPN. Would I be setting myself up for failure on the NCLEX PN- going in with the mind set of an RN? Not sure if I'm making any sense. TIA


suzanne4, RN

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Honestly, I would look for a student externship or preceptorship to get your foot in the door of a facility that you are interested in before considering the PN exam and licensure. You will find that the pay will be very similar and you will be able to learn procedures that the LPN is unable to do.

Also be aware that most facilities require a full-time orientation and you would not be able to do that while in school as well.

You are talking of spending about $400 plus just to have that license for a few months and seriously doubt that you will make that much more with the LPN license.

Also preparation for the exam is completely different than for the RN exam, and it is going to require preparation on your part for it as well. I think that better time would be spent on your classwork for your current classes in the RN program and then just sit for that one exam.

At least this is my opinion on this. There are also an increasing number of states that no longer even permit the RN student to sit for the PN exam now.

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