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Hello!!! I took my nclex this past march and I knew for certain I had failed. I got the full 265 questions. I did the PVT and it let me register :crying2:. I was devastated. I took 1 week off and now I have started studying again as if it were the first time I would be taking the nclex. I got my results a couple of days ago in the mail and I was near the passing standard on all of the topics..What exactly does that mean? How can I use that to re-do my study plan for the second time around??? Any input would be greatly appreciated! fingers crossed for the second time around. Thanks for taking the time to read this post and congrats to those who have passed.


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Hi I,

Sorry for your're getting back into it with a positive attitude, which is most of the battle: great job!! I've definitely been in your shoes; that said, I'd suggest looking at my post "long time lurker...first time poster" for some strategies/words of encouragement. You CAN & you WILL pass!! All the best!


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Thanks Uae...I really appreciate the feedback and I will definately take a look at that post.:)


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Good luck on your retry.


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i got the same result buddy i was devastated knowing all the results was near passing i did (265 questions) ....i guess it means we need to step it up a bit study harder or hardest ...cheer up... im studying again for my second take this May....


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i had the exact same thing happen to me the last time i took my boards. i'm trying to figure out how to study for my test coming up in a couple weeks too :/...i'm just going to keep doing a lot of review questions on my Saunders CD and review my Saunders book, and starting tonight i'm going to write down random things i'm having trouble remembering on pieces of paper and taping them all over my room so i see them everyday.

also, if you haven't read uaefan's post,( ) i recommend doing so because i found it to be inspiring.

Best of luck to you!!! I'll be praying for you!