Nclex RN second time 217 q's..good pop up & advice

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Ok so I took the Nclex today for the second time and I got the good pop-up so I am hoping and praying that it's right. I will tell you some things that I think helped me pass this time because I have got so much help from this web site=)

1st time- Graduated in May payed bunch of money for Kaplan Live, went to all the classes, did half of the Q trainers and none of the Q bank. Hardly studied at all because it seemed like everyone from my class was passing with 75 q's so I figured I'd have it in the bag. June 18th took the Nclex, got all 265 q's. 2 days later get a big fat 'fail'. It was devastating having to tell everyone.

2nd time- After a couple of months I was able to come up with another 300 bucks to test and I got all my paperwork sent off again. Well I didn't even know where to begin when studying since I had already done Kaplan. Well out of nowhere I got an invite from Kaplan to do the review online. I took off a whole week from work and really focused on the classes, did all of the Q trainers and 50% of the Qbank. Average score on Qbank was 61%. Me and my husband got a hotel last night near the testing center and I spent a few hours skimming through the Kaplan book, concentrating on the planning/implementation of diseases, tests, etc. I also tried to memorize most labs. Additionaly, I went through 37 pages of the 'random facts' link on this website (which I highly recommend). Well I tried to get a good night's sleep but I was super anxious and maybe got 2 hrs in.

Test day- My test was at 8am. I show up at the center at 7:30, get signed in, about ready to go test and the lady at the front desk says, "Oh...your license is expired":eek: What??? I about died because I was in a town 2 hrs away from home and didn't have anything with me to renew it. Anyways, with God's good grace I was able to go down the street, get it renewed because of the 30 day grace period, and be back at the center just in time. Talk about stressful!

Anyways, here's some tips I hope you can find helpful:

1) First of all, Kaplan. I couldn't have passed without it. Some people will disagree I'm sure but in my experience with the Nclex, at least 40% of the content on Nclex correlated with things I learned in Kaplan. Do as many q bank q's as possible and read EVERY retionale, right or wrong.

2) Begin the test expecting to get 265 questions and if you get out before it's a nice surprise. That was a mistake I made on my first try. After 150 q's I just wanted to get out of there.

3) Take your breaks! I made myself take breaks because my mind would start to get frazzled and I knew I just wanted to start playing tic-tac-toe. When I came back from break my mind would be more clear to answer questions.

That's all I can think of for now..if anyone has questions I will be glad to answer! So thankful to finally have this behind me:lol2:

Good luck with your official results.

Thanks for sharing your experience..I am preparing to take the Nclex the second time too.. hopefully I will pass!

i to took my nclex today and had 250 questions. I didnt take the kaplan class until after i failed my first time. After taking that class i felt more confident. I would recommend it in a heart beat. Like you also i got the "good" pop up...So i wish us both good luck in our quest to achieve our RN!!!

Good luck guys!!! :)

Just wondering if you passed the exam? You mentioned you got the "good pop up" but I just can't seem to trust that, I'm so positive I failed but I did get the good pop up...

ZIA238, I did my research and the PVT trick (good pop up) is very accurate. Out of 2000 posts I only found one that turned out not to be accurate. So keep your head up and wait for the official positive results! Let us know!

i did pass my exam. the good pop up trick is accurate

HELP... i just took my NCLEX for the second time and i failed. I don't know what else to do, so that i pass the 3rd time. I bought Saunders and i took the Kaplan course class.. took 100% of the questions in the Qbank and took all of the exams. I felt confident while taking the test and knew thought i knew everything from the Kaplan book. I spent one month straight studying for the exam the second time. .. any suggestions from anyone.?? anything else i can do? for people that have taken the NCLEX more than once. what do you do different the time you passed?


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