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nclex rn review materials 2008-2009

can you guys recommend any prioritization/delegation/infection control book? that has a copyright of 2008-2009? coz i heard that mosby's delegation,prioritization and assignments is a ggod book but its dated way back 2006.

and have you guys ever used kaplan Q bank? if yes, how was it?

I would try going to one of the book websites, such as Borders, Barnes & Noble, or amazon, and using the search function to find the book you're interested in.

im also using La charity PDA book for practice..

There is nothing out with a copyright date of 2009 as they are not published yet. Books only get a copyright date once they have been issued by the publisher.

If from 2006, then it will not have any of the new format questions. Be aware that even if a new book comes out, it may not have the newer format questions in it with the later publisher date in it. It is going to come down to the actual book and I would focus on the rationales, that is more important than the questions themselves.

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