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I took my test 2 weeks ago and wanted to give the world of upcoming nurses some encouragement.

This is probably my first thread I have ever done in my life, but I know the feeling of waiting 48 for your results..twice LVN AND RN. Getting a RN degree took me longer than many but I never gave up and pulled through so I wanted to help the public with this message.

First relax...breath...and believe. I know its hard to do right now

If your test stopped at 75 passed. (feels good to hear that right?) You have to believe

Yes, there's a small percentage that fail at 75. (No offense to those who did fail at 75, don't give up either, because we all fail at something, no one is perfect, keep pushing, and get that licence that you work so hard for). If you went passed 75, don't give up... my sibling passed with like 125 or 130.

Yes, the test is hard and you most likely think you got a lot wrong. I felt like I didn't know anything. (sounds familiar right?). I spent my last dime on U World and made low scores on some of the test....I didn't give up though.

You see, I studied alot in nursing school. I was not the best student, but I was the most determined in my eyes.

Yes, i know after reading this you are still freaking out and your probably going to look at a thousand other threads, but the key is just to have faith that after all the sweat and passed.

You passed. Put that into existence, and it will happen

Yes you did...and you know you did

If you are religious then this is for you.

Mark 9:23 Everything is possible for him who believes"


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Congratulations and thank you!

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