NCLEX RN IN 2 WEEKS! tips?? advice?? prayers??good joojoo? ill take it!


So im hoping third time is the charm is the saying for me, I will be taking my NCLEX RN for the third time july 15 at 1pm. Im nervous but not as much i have been in the past. Any advice from third timers that passed? Ive used Kaplan this go around and only kaplan so im following the testing in 2 weeks template. hoping for the best any advice would be totally welcomed :) prayers and good thoughts will be appreciated i graduted in May 2011 its my time! good luck to anyone else testing this month!!


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Hi...all the best for your test.,,mine is on 17th and this is my first I am lill freaked and need some advices..sure i will pray for you..

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Good Luck!!

Im also testing in 2 weeks. What have you been studying?


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ME TOO! i graduated in 2011 also! i'm hoping third time is the charm for me! good luck, i'm planning to take mine July 31st! I'm still just as nervous as all the times before, more confident, but still feel like i know nothing at times!


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I'll be testing on the 15th also!! It's my first and I'm working through Kaplan right now.. still have to take Qt 6 & 7 and have plenty of QB questions to do! It's becoming so real!