NCLEX Review Books?


just a fun question: how many nclex review books do you own? which ones are they?

i have 5. my family thought they made great birthday/anniversary/christmas gifts. i have mosby's, lippincott's, saunder's, princeton review & kaplan. i also have the hesi nclex review, but i am not really sure if that counts.

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I too have a bunch of NCLEX review books (several of them presently loaned out to classmates closer to the NCLEX than am I).

This was posted in a Yahoo! group to which I belong, and I'm sharing it without permission.... Hope I don't offend anyone....

I only recommend one book. I don't believe this is the time to study

more facts about medicine. And after paying for the cpne twice and 4

cpne prep classes I did not want to pay for an nclex prep class.

This book is about HOW to take the exam. And believe it or not, it

is an interesting read! The title is odd.

"NCLEX-RN" 2003-2004 edition by Kaplan. This edition is blue and has

a pictue of a CD on the cover. It teaches you how to answer

questions you know nothing about. And it comes with a CD full of

practice questions.

Hope this helps!

jschut, BSN, RN

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I used Mosbys, Davis and Kaplan.

Mostly just used the Mosby CD that a friend sent me....


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I have Mosby's flash cards, basically just questions. I also have Saunder's and Kaplan. The nurses at work have also been trying to pawn their old books off on me!:p


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I graduated in 1995 from a ADN program. I used 1 nclex review book and that one was a Mosby's. I had planned on going to a review, but got sick. I relied on the book and I passed the first time and I was just an average grade student.

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