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If you take your NCLEX on a Friday and your state doesn't give the 48 hour quick results, when do you find out? A couple of my classmates called the license look up number after 48 hours but they didnt take the test on a weekend. I'm going crazy over here!!!

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Depends on the state and how quick they post a license

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Just keep checkn on the baord's website. gud luck to u.

I passed!!!!!! I called VA Board of Nursing License Lookup number this morning and it stated I have an active license as of today!!!!!


How did you study?

thank you :)

All I did was Kaplan. I took the Kaplan course and did all the question trainers and 90% of the Q bank. I didnt really end up using the decision tree on the test BUT it is helpful when you can actually apply it to a question. I tried to do least 100-150 questions per day (3 wks of studying after course was over). It is very important to read your rationales so you can understand why you got a question wrong or right. I would take the test, go thru each question and write the rationale down in my notes if I didnt already know it. As far as medications, I would learn them by class then record myself talking about the medications in my own words. Then I would listen to them periodically and it helped the information stick. The Kaplan course book was helpful because it divided the book into each element thats on the test such as physiological adaption, etc. So once you took a test and saw what you weaknesses were, its easy to just go back to the book and read the chapter you did bad in. I liked the resources Kaplan provides way more than I did the actual class. And that was pretty much all I did because Kaplan is very time consuming and I didnt have time to do anything else lol. Secondly, Kaplan questions are were harder than the questions on the NCLEX so if you do ok on Kaplan, you should do fine on the NCLEX. Hope this was helpful

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