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I just took my n-clex on Tuesday for the second time! I think I passed. The computer shut off at 78. The people there read me a section in there it will test you until you show 50% competency. The questions were so hard. At times non of the answers seemed correct. I've worked soooo hard to become an RN for the last 5 yrs and well, I just want to know now. I can't seem to quit thinking about it. I just want to know how long it took everyone else out there to get their passing results (I already know from experience 2-3 wks to get the big "failing packet":confused: :eek: :o :imbar :confused:

Please give me feedback, I really need it right now.


most people pass and you probably did too. It is hard to wait. Can you not check online? In Texas we get results much sooner than 2-3 weeks.


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I have checked online and nothing so far. It's usually 2-3 days..however a friend of mine did her test on a Friday and her results were on line on that following monday..i was hoping mine would come back that fast. I was so anxious and sure i passed that i called a local recruit..I can't wait to get out and work. I'm applying for an NICU in a county hosp. ...oh pls. Lord...give me confirmation!


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Hi.,i took mine too last Wednesday..,and i dont have my results yet..,i keep checking on the website.,and still i cant see my name in there:o :confused: ..,how long will it takes for them to post on the website? does it mean that i failed? huhuhu!:o :o :o ..,my computer shut off @ 75.,but still m anxious waiting for my result..,its killing me everyday.,what i do is keep on praying.,and having Faith with the Lord! Please help us to pray! Thanks!


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I have yet to take the NCLEX, but I was wondering where they post the results for future reference.



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:roll I passed! I got my results on Friday morning and you will probably get yours on monday morning. To locate the website type into the search engine california Board of registered nurses and click on verify licensure. I am so releived and looking froward to a new chapter in my life of learning and applying nursing skills. I will be applying at kern medical Center in the NICU. It's such a dream come true::) I've been in school for five 1/2 years and I was beginning to wonder if I had done the right thing. The commitment level is so overwhelming and effects every part of your life (as you all know), and now for the dividends. My family is very happy also- even my teenager boys. my stepson came up and gave me a big hug and congradulated me:) which the likelyhood of that is like there being an earthquake on the east coast. Wow! I'm looking forward to my endeavor and continue to pray for those waiting for results and for those struggle in school.

Very sincerely,

Theresa Satton, RN


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Wondeful!!! Best of luck to you in your job-hunting!:balloons: :nurse: :D

MiaLyse, APRN

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Theresa, congrats!!! :D



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Thank you all for the congrats. Jayvee, did you hear anything yet?? I know last week I could think of nothing else. I hope you are holding down better than I was.



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I just picked up an application today and have an appointment on Wednesday to interview. Can you believe it I have to take an entrance test..haven't I taken enough tests?!!:eek:


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Hi Theresa! CONGRATULATIONS!!!..,Im really happy for you! But abt. me..,I got a failing result..,im so deppresed and very sad :o its my first time to take this Nclex..,maybe its not the right time for me yet..,i hope and pray again that il make it the next time around..,Congrats!!!

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