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Hello all I am taking the nclex RN for a second time here in two days. I have done the Kaplan online review, I have finished 83% of the Qbank and my average is 57%. my scores seem to be 56-60 sometimes I get 70. ONCE in a great while I go a score in the high 40 low 50, but it's very rare. I have been studying lab values and doing some reading from my HESI book. I'm very nervous considering this is my 2nd shot and the first time I had all 265. I'm worried I am not ready, any insight or advice?

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What has helped me more than anything are the test-taking strategies - like using Maslow's hierarchy to determine priority intervention/diagnosis, using ABC's, choosing the option that allows you to stay with a patient in distress vs leaving the bedside, always checking the patient before you check equipment, etc. Kaplan and ATI both explain them really well. It's important to know your content but it's just as important to develop strategies to choose your answers, especially when it comes to questions on topics that are fuzzy for you (and no matter who you are, this will happen). Good luck!

What I your opinion on my kaplan scores? Did you do kaplan... I don't know when to know if I'm ready


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I am taking my boards on Tuesday...and I am also studying kaplan. Our kaplan professor stated that a good average on he 50 ques Qbank test were 60% and above. Question trainers 1-4 shoot for a 65% on each and question trainers 5 - 7 a 60% and above. My Qbanks are 60%+ but there were a couple in the 50's. I agree with the comment above....if you still have access yo Kaplan online go under RN nclex review and watch the video on the decision is really helpful.


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I took My Boards yesterday 27 Jun 2013. I PASSED with 75 questions in about an hour and 10 min. Last week I searched all over this page to see if people with low kaplan scores were passing.. I was so worried because my scores were low...

QT 1) 43

QT 2) 63

QT 3) 52

QT 4) 55

QT 5) 49

QT 6) 58

QT 7) 57

Diag. 61

Readiness 63

I did 400 questions in Q bank. average 55

my scores improved a lot toward the end I was getting between 55-75.

I had over 20 SATA questions, 2 hotspot questions, and 2 exhibit questions. The best way to know if you got a SATA right. So if you are frantically searching to see if your Kaplan scores are high enough to pass the NCLEX here is proof even if your scores are not consistently 70's you are still in the game.

Hope this helps



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my scores in kaplan qtariners are 60 to 65% but 58.8% in last q trainer. but today i finished my last hurst test an i score 80 points(64%) they tell 85 points are passing level points but i score above 85 in 3 tests. this test again make me feel very low and i am losing my confidence. i am really nervous, test in 3 days. feel like i have lot to study more. is this happen to everyone or just to me.???


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Good evening Hannah.banana :) I confront the NCLEX-RN devil in two weeks.

How did u do? Any pointers u can relay?