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  1. stcabr

    Struggling as a new nurse :'-(

    I have been a nurse for almost two years now! Believe me we all been there. I remember my first few months driving home from work crying...thinking that i can't do it. Well....you can and you will! Try not to take criticism personally, but let it be a learning experience. In my opinion it takes at least a year to build up your confidence. I felt the same way about talking to doctor's and patient's family...but again confidence comes in time and if a family member asks you something that you are unsure of.....just tell them that you have to get back to them and look it up. You have to be an advoate for your patient...so it is important that you feel knowledgeable and comfortble talking with MD's. But again...this comes with time. I was fortunate enough to work with a fanastic manager, who was always making sure I was on the right path of being successful. I work on a great unit, where 95% of us look out for each other and help each other out when the other is busy! Your work environment is very important! Nursing school does not teach you everything. To this day, I still struggle with IV insertion, still have to look up things, I am not familiar with...but I am a better, more confident nurse today than I was when I started! Being a nurse you will learn new things all the time...no matter how many years you have under your belt! In my experience, it is a rewarding career with such diverse opportunities! Stick with it! Give yourself time! In a year from now you will look back and see how far you had come! Good luck!
  2. stcabr

    This is my first resume. Please help

    Did you just graduate? I graduated a year ago and we have a career center at our school that really helped me with my resume. I know there are alot of templates online if you google new grad rn resume.
  3. Hi everyone, I work at at level 1 trauma hospital in NY and I am trying to get a per diem job a little closer to home (community hospital 5 minutes away). This is my first year of nursing. I have a few questions about updating my resume. Should I list every task I do, for example: wound care, medication administration via central line, tube feedings via NGT and PEG. Do you talk about skin care integrity and infection control? I just thought that these aspects where already assumed. Please help. here is what my updated resume porttion looks like now: - Provides direct nursing care for an acute patient population including renal and liver transplantation (pre-op & post-op), vascular (AAA repair, DVT, amputation, etc.),and cardiac monitored patients - Intermediate Care Registered Nurse Certification - Assess and stabilize patients with expedience and accuracy - Work collaboratively with Physicians, Wound Care RN, Respiratory and Physical Therapy and other ancillary staff for best patient outcomes. - Closely monitor patients and alert charge nurse and physicians to change in status. - Leveraged interpersonal communication strengths to establish rapport and build trust withpatients and families. Any critism will help. Thanks so much!!!
  4. stcabr

    Switching Careers - Architect to Nurse

    It is a very personal decision and you will hear both positive and negative. Before I went to nursing school, I worked as a nursing assistant in a local hospital which really helped me get patient care experience. I did corp. accounting for 5 years and raised a family for 10 years before deciding to make a career change as well. I am a new nurse, so I really do enjoy what I do. There is so much flexibility in the field as you mentioned. Nurses do make decisions even the docs are sometimes asking us what to do or for our opinion. This is just my opinion and my experience from where I work. Maybe try volunteering in a hospital or picking up a per diem job as a nursing assistant...ask around in your school. most schools have paid internships, but most don't offer till your last year of nursing. Good luck!
  5. I just graduated from nursing school in may 2013. As a gift I received a littman 3100 electronic. It is fantastic. I hear heart and lung sounds so clearly and you can adjust the volume as well.
  6. stcabr

    New Grad!

    Follow up with HR to reiterate your interest about the positions you applied for. Sometimes they will tell you not to follow up by phone...then send a letter or email. I graduated with my assoc. in may passed the boards in July and applied to numerous positions...finally recieved an invitation to a open interview at a major local hospital about an 1hr away. Went to the interview...followed up with HR and the manager on the unit the next week and received a call that same day offering me a part-time position in their transplant unit. I start next week. So my advice is...don't get discourage...keep track of where u apply and call to follow up on that application within a week or 2. It will happen. Good Luck!!!
  7. stcabr

    RN-BSN at SUNY Empire

    I also applied to SUNY Empire. I am not sure about their selection process. But would also be interested if anyone has info on this. Did u get an acceptance letter yet? Good luck(-:
  8. stcabr

    Westchester Medical Center

    Yes, I am going next week! Excited/nervous
  9. stcabr

    NCLEX ready or not ?

    I am taking my boards on Tuesday...and I am also studying kaplan. Our kaplan professor stated that a good average on he 50 ques Qbank test were 60% and above. Question trainers 1-4 shoot for a 65% on each and question trainers 5 - 7 a 60% and above. My Qbanks are 60%+ but there were a couple in the 50's. I agree with the comment above....if you still have access yo Kaplan online go under RN nclex review and watch the video on the decision tree.....it is really helpful.
  10. stcabr

    NCLEX 265 questions

    I had a friend go to 260 and passed! Good Luck!