Nclex Quick Results Reliable and Number of Questions?


I have two questions for some of the knowledgeable people out there.

First I took the test on Friday got 265 questions and paid for quick results in Michigan and it says I passed. I tend to be a pessimistic person so I am curious as to the accuracy of these, I will probably find out before I get a response I have been continuously checking my states .gov page to see if my name pops up with a license number lol. Not to say I haven't been telling family and friends but I still add in they are "unofficial" tidbit.

My second question is I received 265 questions about 80 or so questions into the test I received a fair amount of choose all that apply questions and considerably more specific questions, (I don't believe this is a violation or the terms you agree to before you tak the test as I am not disclosing any specific material). I had read that questions were asked in a matter where you were initially asked "easy" questions and when you answered the easier questions right they asked more difficult ones; eventually you reached a threshold where you answer questions that are counted towards a "correct question total" My ultimate question is: was getting asked these supposedly harder questions i believe I had a sign that I was getting close to a passing grade early and that I was one of the chosend people who had the preselected number of questions or am I incorrect in my assumption in how the test works. I understand that you can never be totally sure but am just curious as to the opinions out there.

For anyone out there reading this who is working towards the test or waiting on results, etc. this is my second time taking the exam (hopefully last as I am hoping quick results are active) if you have to take it a second time don't get discouraged firstly the Nclex is in NO way a grade on you as a nurse, applying theory skills and testing in them are like night and day, I am a horrid test taker I eked out a few tests in nursing in school didn't fail classes but skidded to the finish line in school if you will. I have been working as a graduate nurse for about 2 to 2.5 months and I have been praised by staff, boss and patients for how well they all say I am doing (I apologize for sounding like im tooting my own horn). My point is the nclex is just a test it may take a couple times to pass your exam and move on its just a roadblock to a piece of paper that just means you can do it on your own. Its what you do with your patients and how you react that determines it all.

Rant/Soapbox end, sorry for the lengthy post.

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are you kidding!!! :smackingf

you state, "...and that i was one of the chosen people who had the preselected number of questions..." :nono:

how in the world could you think you were passing the test early....when you had to complete all 265 questions!!!???!!! :omy:

not sure where you got this information but your source is definitely not correct!!! no one is preselected, in advance, regarding the total number of questions they will have on the nclex. no one!!!

you also state that you were asked "easy" questions in the beginning/initially. by whose standards?? yours??!! what may appear "easy" to you could possibly be hard for the next test taker.

the bottom line....if you were passing the test at question 80 (...with "easy questions initially... :uhoh3:) the test would have shut off. for you, the computer did not cut off until it had determined, with 95% accuracy, that you would be a safe and competent nurse. that was question #265 for you!!! questions you "thought" were easy....well, they must not have been :no: since you had to complete all 265 questions!!!...

as for your questions....forget about it!!!!... it's not like you can walk around and tell your friends you had "easy" questions then have to tell them you had to complete all 265 questions!!! it doesn't make sense!

whether you completed 75....or 265 questions... whether you "think" the questions were "easy" or not. ...let it go!!!...

you passed with all 265 questions...(not the minimum 75)!!!!

you passed!!!! congratulations!!!

:clphnds: :clpty::clphnds:

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It is just a rumour that people get picked to answer all questions. People pass or fail on any number as long as it is within min and max number. Quick results are just unofficial results as it is the BON that will issue the licence.

You have passed congrats and best of luck finding a job

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