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I have been in nursing school for a couple of months now in an accelerated 1 year program. There is a lot of information for my brain to absorb and I'm afraid that I won't be ready for the NCLEX. Our school is making us use ATI which I think is horrible.

How did you guys study for the NCLEX? Did you worry about retaining information during school or just worried about re studying it after you graduated for the NCLEX? Thanks


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absorb and learn as much as you can in school. that way you're familiar with things when you begin to study for the nclex. as far as what I did, I bought the most recent edition of Saunders NCLEX review from B&N (I think it was around $40) and I answered 50-100 questions per day. Analyze the question and answers though... know why the answers are either right or wrong. Then after the book questions are completed, I went onto the CD it comes with and did the same thing there. I passed NCLEX the 1st time with 75 questions. So this may work for you as well.


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im going to a private school too and its driving me nuts because im not retaining much of what they are teaching. I do well in exams but after that i tend to forget. I like doing clinical rotations though, its fun and interesting.

im worried about the NCLEX too and we have to do the HESI exit exam before we can even graduate :(

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Saunders helped me get through NS, the NCLEX, and the HESI exit exam. Once you learn the strategies, you are set.


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how long did you review? how many hours a day? sorry for so many questions.


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About 90% of our tests are NCLEX style questions. I have a great study group and after we go over the material for our units, we work on NCLEX questions out of the sample books we have. It has helped all of us a lot. I do about five to ten questions every night even if they are over things I haven't studied yet. I love the books because they explain why the right answer is right and why the wrong answers are wrong.


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I'm in an ADN program that also utitlizes the ATI tests (we have to score a certain percentage to pass the class each semester). I just spoke with a May grad from our program. They had 100% NCLEX pass last summer, and almost all of them say that the ATIs are pickier. So, if you can do those, you'll do well on NCLEX.

I've been going part-time while working full-time, so I understand the brain feeling that it's about to bust. Keep your head up, you'll do fine!

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