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  1. Autonomy

    Hi all I wanted to see what level of autonomy you have with your practices. I work in NYC part of a teaching hospital in a malignant hematology clinic. I work very closely with my attending. My primary role is to manage patients that are undergo...
  2. FNP care compared to MD

    Yea, thank God I have Up to Date st my disposal. It has all the standard of care for almost anything. And even has approached to many very common symtomatology and I feel students just don't utilize it enough.
  3. FNP care compared to MD

    I think many programs are starting to increase the number of hours of clinicals which is great.
  4. FNP care compared to MD

    Yea that's the thing. I think people should complain or things won't change. Its not a perceived lack of education, it's a fact that our education is inadequate. And it also takes someone who realizes this to make those changes to go above and beyond...
  5. FNP care compared to MD

    Thanks BC. I'm lucky enough to have a residency program available to me near where I live which I am most likely going to apply to. I really love primary care. I know the work is hard but I love the interaction, the education and just being able to h...
  6. FNP care compared to MD

    Oh wow I dunno why I never followed up on this thread. I am finishing my NP studies now and my feelings are still the same lol. I continue to feel that the task of family medicine is daunting and I am so not prepared with my measly 550 hours of clin...
  7. Learning curve for new grad?

    Hey everyone, I am going to be venturing into the NP field soon and of course there are many things that worry me. We have great autonomy here in NY and so I am deathly afraid of practicing on my own. How exactly do NPs become proficient in what t...
  8. Stony Brook Accelerated Nursing Class of 2018

    Yea, years ago when I was in the program they said they were going to conduct interviews but I never had one. I was actually wait listed and eventually was accepted. Just asking for someone I know that is applying. Do you guys think the interview pro...
  9. Stony Brook Accelerated Nursing Class of 2018

    Hey everyone, Does anyone know if they accept students without an interview? Or everyone that is considered a candidate needs an interview?
  10. FNP care compared to MD

    I haven't read the data myself to be honest. However from what I've read (on forums) and heard. NP can deliver great care if not better than some physicians. Again I havent read it myself but I think these studies may also have something to do with ...
  11. FNP care compared to MD

    Hey everyone, I'm sure this topic has been discussed many times but I have some specific questions. I am currently an FNP student and I have a strong passion for primary care. As I see it, this specialty is definitely challenging as you must pull...
  12. Very stressed (2.5 years into it) - please help

    I'm sorry to here this man. Our institution actually has started an anti-bullying campaign to raise awareness about these things. I hope things get better for you. Your mental sanity is worth a lot.
  13. FHEA Path and Pharm course for NP

    Does anyone have any experience with FHEA? I have been taking the pathophys and pharm courses. There are quizzes after every section which seem pretty straightforward so far. Does anyone know if the exam questions are similar in difficulty to the qui...
  14. Very stressed (2.5 years into it) - please help

    Welp, its now 2016. I just re-read all the encouraging and supportive words everyone on here has had to offer, which is greatly appreciated. I've left the ICU as I could not tolerate that toxic environment anymore. I am now working on a Bone Marrow T...
  15. 2015 DNP Requirement for APNs

    So I guess this university is pushing for DNP. This is really scaring me... I DO NOT want to spend an extra 2 years in school with added tuition. This is really disheartening. Fairfield University School of Nursing Frequently Asked Questions for the...