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  1. IcanHealYou

    FNP care compared to MD

    Yea, thank God I have Up to Date st my disposal. It has all the standard of care for almost anything. And even has approached to many very common symtomatology and I feel students just don't utilize it enough.
  2. IcanHealYou

    FNP care compared to MD

    I think many programs are starting to increase the number of hours of clinicals which is great.
  3. IcanHealYou

    FNP care compared to MD

    Yea that's the thing. I think people should complain or things won't change. Its not a perceived lack of education, it's a fact that our education is inadequate. And it also takes someone who realizes this to make those changes to go above and beyond. You can read all the books and watch all the youtube videos (and I'm not saying you shouldn't) but medicine is still an apprenticeship. Nothing can compare to professionally guided learning. I've been trying to gain the perspective from both MDs and NPs to really learn the difference in education to close that gap. We definitely have our strong suits as nurses but let's face it. A lot of medicine is practiced a certain way for a reason and no route you take will really change the wheel that much. If we don't fully understand the underlying knowledge that MDs gain from their didactic and apprenticed learning I will have no direction on how to close the educational gap. From some MD perspectives they seem to believe that NPs can never attain a level where they can provide the same level of care as MDs can. Granted some of these are just arrogant a-holes but is there truth to it? I dunno but maybe, like i said, I'll gain more insight into this once I'm practicing. Luckily I know a lot of specialized MDs that'll allow me to practice with them and continue to learn even after graduating and working. The hours and self learning will take a long time but in family medicine I believe it's definitely needed. The array of knowledge is so vast. But this also brings me to another question. If NPs can practice independently are we still considered "mid-level" providers or is this term somehow made up to hold back the profession?
  4. IcanHealYou

    FNP care compared to MD

    Thanks BC. I'm lucky enough to have a residency program available to me near where I live which I am most likely going to apply to. I really love primary care. I know the work is hard but I love the interaction, the education and just being able to help anyone with anything that walks through the door. I really wanna be ahead of the curve.
  5. IcanHealYou

    FNP care compared to MD

    Oh wow I dunno why I never followed up on this thread. I am finishing my NP studies now and my feelings are still the same lol. I continue to feel that the task of family medicine is daunting and I am so not prepared with my measly 550 hours of clinical work. I definitely learned a lot but there's so much I don't know. I've been working with a doc and his thinking process is just superb. I mean you really have to know disease process, gross anatomy and just general indepth physiology along with many hours of application to really be proficient. If not for the MD I have been following my thinking process would not have been more directed. Just the simple idea of "how do you approach a patient with "this"" has helped me understand how to go through my differentials and not just toss them all in a hat. I feel like NPs are being taught the most basic standard of practice but if it comes down to something that uncommon or complex we just don't have the educational background to deduce answers. With experience you maybe able to do that if you've seen the situation before. But if it's something new , we just don't have the tools. Maybe once I've been practicing for years my views will change but for now, this is it. Will reassess.
  6. IcanHealYou

    Stony Brook Accelerated Nursing Class of 2018

    Yea, years ago when I was in the program they said they were going to conduct interviews but I never had one. I was actually wait listed and eventually was accepted. Just asking for someone I know that is applying. Do you guys think the interview process has finished?
  7. IcanHealYou

    Stony Brook Accelerated Nursing Class of 2018

    Hey everyone, Does anyone know if they accept students without an interview? Or everyone that is considered a candidate needs an interview?
  8. IcanHealYou

    Graduate school Scholarships

    Hey everyone, Was wondering if anyone can direct me toward some great scholarship oppurtunities for FNP programs. Wondering if there are any full ride scholarships out there also. THanks in advance.
  9. IcanHealYou

    Very stressed (2.5 years into it) - please help

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I have stood up for myself mutiple times. But I've just gotten tired of this environment. It relieves me somewhat after reading what you guys posted. I just want to feel happy to go to work. I haven't felt that way since..... My high school jobs lol. The good ol days when responsiblity was low...
  10. Hey everyone, Another nurse here stressed out from the profession, to be specific, beside nursing. I really need some guidance because i feel as if I have lost a piece of my soul that I will never get back. I still love nursing. I love impacting people's lives and having the knowledge and experience that I have now, but I just can't handle this stress anymore. I started off on a medicine floor and worked there for 1.5 years. Now I am in the medicine ICU and have been here for 9 months now. My attitude has changed. I remember once I was an extremely tolerant, stress free person. I have never been so discouraged in my life. I have read many posts from other sites of stressed nurses on the floor. Main stressors being paperwork, poor managmement, workload. I can handle irrate family members, needy patients, even management (to a point). I'm not stressed by any of the paper work, patient care, or having to wear MANY hats with this profession. My BIGGEST stressor are fellow co-workers. Giving report is where I get my biggest stress. I HATE getting talked to by a co-worker about something I didn't do or questioning me as if I was an idiot. Most of the time for petty things. I am not one for confrontation, especially not at the work place. I have noticed this culture EVERYWHERE in bedside nursing. It's disgusting that fellow RNs act this way. I do my best everyday but it's never enough. Someone will complain about something. When you've had a long 12 hour shift about to leave and having someone tell you basically "You didn't do your job" or "You didnt do your job well" is extremely discouraging. I would mull over these things for DAYS. All this is leading me to not want to come into work and leave bedside nursing. I just can't take it anymore. RNs deal with too many people and to get attitude during report from a fellow RN who KNOWS how things are, is just ******. It's horrible. I'm a grown man and I have never been stressed from "bullying", but all this is taking its toll on my mental health. I'm still a young nurse and there is definitely a lot that I do not know, which is what makes me feel like crap when I get talked to. I am thinking about doing something outpatient but staying with the medical center. I love working with people especially during times of great need. The politics are killing me. Does anyone else here find this as a stressor? Have any of you moved to OP settings and felt great happiness? I love nursing but I need to find a way out of this stress. PLEASE HELP! Thank you for your time.
  11. IcanHealYou

    What does it take?

    Hi everyone, I'm doing this post in this section of the forum becuase I want to get insight on people that have gone through school and already started working in the profession. I feel you gusy would be able to answer my questions with what you've experienced. What type of RN do you think is eligible to become a competent S/CRNA? Here's a little about my background. I graduated from an accelerated 12 month BSN program with a 3.5gpa. I then worked on a regular floor (medicine) for 1.5 years and transferred over to the MICU. Since the change I have loved working in this specialty. I love the acuity of the patients and the in depth knowledge I am obtaining. I work well under stress and colleagues have said that I always look calm in any situation. Here is what I'm concerned about if I am to persue a career in anesthesia. Although I love codes and all it's excitement. When "**** hits the fan" so to speak, I still sometimes get my brain a little scattered on what to do. Now I'm not saying I'm entirely incompetent but there are still those weird codes where it's not exactly clear cut ACLS. I am hoping this is because of my inexperience with codes in the first place. I can count on my fingers the number of codes that were actually mine since I've started nursing. I am also concerned about my clinical prowess. I am trying to learn as much as I can everyday to gain as much knowledge about all the interventions I provide for my patients. Even the tasks I've done a million times. I feel like as an RN there is a component of the need to complete tasks and sometimes forgo the time to think about what is really going on with the patient. Of course we need to know to an extent why we're doing what we're doing but sometimes there just isnt enough time to really think about what is going on and go with specifics. Sorry for the long post. I have some more concerns but I'll leave it at this for now. I just basically want to know what type of RN you guys think is a fit for S/CRNA career path. Thank you very much in advance.
  12. IcanHealYou

    FNP average starting salary in NYC

    Hey everyone, Would any FNPs be able to tell me some starting salaries in NYC? Either hospital, private practice or otherwise. From what I hear starting is ~90K and after experience you can market yoruself for 100k+. Is any of this true? Thanks in advance.
  13. IcanHealYou

    VNS and NP

    Does VNS hire NPs? And if they do what kind of role do they play in the network? Thanks.
  14. IcanHealYou

    Army Nursing

    Hi, Is anyone here employed as an Army Nurse? The benefits sound very sugar coated so I wanted to do some more research on it. Would anyone be able to shed some light? Thanks. Ken
  15. Hey everyone, I just started looking into this sect of nursing. It's a very specialized position, so are there jobs available if I decide to go this route in nursing? Is it true the average salary is 90+k per year? Thanks in advance.
  16. IcanHealYou

    Nursing Informatics

    Can anyone shed some light on this sect of nursing? I understand these nurses use technology to aid in nurses work so they can relay medical information through computers. What is the work like? Salary wise, hours, growth? Thanks in advance.