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I have a question for anyone who has taken the NCLEX as I am preparing to take mine soon (still waiting for my ATT). I have read on here that the questions aren't like what we all review and practice. I assume that the questions won't be exactly alike but they are similar right?


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I think it depends on the individual as not everyone agrees. This would likely make a good poll actually! In general, it seems most posters feel the questions most closely resemble Kaplan. I think second place would go to Saunders. Third place is most likely going to be Exam Cram but maybe Pearson Vue would win out.

I've never taken the NCLEX so none of this is based on personal opinion, only what I've seen posted by others.


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It shouldn't matter how the questions are worded. If you know the concept behind the question you can figure out the question. Same as for answering questions posed by different instructors on the same material.

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