NCLEX prioritizing questions


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I am looking for some insight on ways to study/prep for the nclex. I have taken it 3 times without any success. I think I am having problems with questions that have to prioritize patients that don't have to deal with ABCs. If there are questions where all patients are stable how do I prioritize which patient to see/assess first. Any tips, books, study guides you recommend would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for your time.

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I've heard great things about the LaCharity Priority, Delegation, and Assessment textbook! It has both case studies and questions sorted by topic. I'm using it myself and I think it's been super helpful so far, but I take the NCLEX tomorrow, so we'll see!


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Use Uworld, trust me! I've used LaCharity and even their priority questions don't come close to Uworld.

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I agree with Optimism, uworld is far better than lacharity


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I used U-world, LaCharity & listened to Mark Klimek Audios. The audios totally helped bring everything together for me. I did this 3 days before I tested & passed with 75 questions the first time. Good Luck, you can do this !