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I took my pn nclex yesterday and tried the pvt and got the "good popup" but I am not listed on the BON? I signed into the BON and checked my application status and its says "Ready Issue" does anyone know what that means?

I saw that you took the test two days ago... I took mine yesterday. Did you pass? Also, did the pop up trick work for you? I checked my BON status today and it turned to "Ready Issue" also!!!!

Is it in California I want to check it out but I don't know where to start!!

I find out today if I passed or not. So far, all status' have stayed the same. I swear I have checked them every hour!!! I will know my results in 4 hours!!!!

bonaire10 did you try the pop up trick? When did you test?

I wanted to put my last post in because I know how much I appreciated reading posts when I was a nervous wreck!!! I just found out I PASSED!!!!! My pn nclex exam shut off at 85 questions, it took me one hour to complete, I started slightly earlier than my apt time (2pm), and I just recieved my quick results at 2pm (48 hrs later). I did the pop up trick right when I got home to see if it worked and I got the pop up so I believe it works!!!!! I hope all this information helps someone else in the future!! Good luck!!!


Has 5 years experience.

Congrats to you...was the test very hard? I am a retake of nclex-pn but I had near passing in most of my test but I had all 205 questions and I was there for 5 hours with about 20 minutes left to go. I did the pop up when I got home but my results were on hold for 24 hours.. then it went straight to the cc page the next day..I failed..

Wnurse I would like to know what kind the books you use for the test.

Thank you!! I was so nervous going in to take the test! I used the Lippincott book. I will be honest though, I only got through about 1/4 of it and it made me more scared because I would average 65-75% on the practice tests. The SATA were the ones that would get me! I got darn near every one of them wrong!!! I didnt start to really study until a few days before the test. I couldnt stay focused either. I prayed about it many times! I graduated June 27th so I didnt allow alot of time to go between then and testing. There were about half SATA on the actual test. Only a hand full of other things like pictures, place the X on the spot, ect. If I could give you advice on what to study I would say: Insulin (how to mix, onsets, peaks, ect), Maslows hierarchy, Glasgow scale, Cranial Nerves, Ph, Medications/classes (blood pressure, thyroid), Maternal Child (just a quick refresher over notes), and lab values.... I know it seems like alot but JUST REMEMBER: you got yourself this far!!! You graduated so you know you have the knowledge!!! Don't psych yourself out! I took a break the night before and watched movies with my kids. The day of the test, I jammed out all the way there and sang as loud as I could! Dont go over material... you will make yourself nervous! Relax.... You got this!!!!!

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