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Anyone have any advice for what Review book to use for the NCLEX? I have a borrowed Saunders and am going to study it from cover to cover. Any advice is welcome.:confused:


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I took the NCLEXPN this summer I was allowed to take it half way through my RN program and I studied RN material because thats all I had but I did buy 3 weeks of online study with the NCSBN. I thought that was alot of help and I plan to buy there when I take my NCLEXRN this summer. Good luck to you. Its seeemed pretty easy to me but I stressed about it for a long time, so I know how you feel. Good luck too you!:up:

I used Saunders for LPN and RN, passed both times forst shot.


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i also use saunders, not because i have a was required for my program.

the main thing with any of the nclex review books is to use it. use the cd that comes with the book with the practice questions. they help so much because you can read the rationale for each question, which helps to gain a better understanding of the "why" behind the questions.

our instructor has us turn in our score from 100 practice questions for each system that we cover throughout the semester. i really think that miles and miles of questions help, practice for tests in class and for the nclex.

so, get a review book and use it frequently...even if that means having it out on the counter when you're making dinner and glancing at it, taking a peek while you brush your teeth, or any other time you have a couple minutes!! it will definitely benefit you in the end!

good luck to you!!


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