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Nclex pn stopped at 110

by Beachbum23 Beachbum23 (New) New

Ahhh just took nclex for the third time. The first & second time I took it it stopped at 205. Now, the third time I took it, it stopped at 110! I'm freaking out because I don't know how I did & CA doesn't participate in getting early results! Anyhow, how many of you guys passed with 110 questions?!

What difference does it make how many passed or failed with 110 questions? This number is irrelevant. People pass and fail with every number from the minimum to the maximum.

I can't give you much to go on either way, but I CAN tell you to try to get some downtime at this point. Freaking out never helped anyone, and it makes the cat nervous ;)

Hang in there. Check the BoN's website to see when they update their info. People frequently report they found their license numbers online before they got the results in the mail.

Good luck!


Has 5 years experience.

Well I been there...I got all 205 questions the first time and I failed. I studied for over 3 months...mostly because I didn't feel ready. Then the last time I waited 7 months to retake. No I didn't study everyday but I studied different then last time. It went to 105 questions and I still failed the test. I tried the trick a few hours later after the test ..it tried to take my money off my card so I knew I failed. What I was disappointed with was WHY I didn't go through all the questions. While I still wait for my cpn to come in the mail ..at this point now when I think WHY me . I paid for quick result and yes I did fail..Now what ...I will retake for the third time after the first of the year. I am so sick of studying for this test...GOOD LUCK..:)