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This is the deal. I have been out of nursing school almost a year and a half & I still haven't taken my state boards. I still stay with my mother, but she lost her job, our house is now in foreclosure & I have a 5yr. old son & 14 yr old brother. Its hard tryin 2 save the money to take the state boards because every dime I have HAS to go towards someone or something. I swear I feel more like 42 instead of 22! No offense anyone. I've contacted my local job and family services, but they are no help whatsoever! Income tax season is coming up so I plan to use that money. However, I'm finding it overwhelming trying to study and prepare myself for the NCLEX. If anyone knows of great tools to help aide me on my quest to become my dream of a nurse, it would greatly be appreciated.

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I suggest using Suzannes plain I hear alot of people use it and pass I'm also going to use it when i get my test date its free all you need is 1 book saunders pn 3rd edition and be ready to get down to work go head and get it done for ur self and family they all are riding on u it may be hard cause u been out of school for a year but u can do all things through Christ ! keep ur head and get busy!:heartbeat

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