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Nclex pn from cali


Hi guys,

i took my test on august 28 and I have yet to receive a letter to see if I pass or not

for those in Cali have you receive yours?! And I do check the BON website and I don't see my name

i think I fail, I used up like 4 hours and 205 questions :(

And i I was just wondering is it possible to receive the letter if you pass first before the BON even post ur license number?? Because I was thinking by now my name is still not up mean that I fail...

Been 2+ weeks and still no news...

For California, You have to pay for the license then your name comes on the BVNPT I believe.

My friend who took it on the 22nd received his yesterday, and someone who took it on the 23rd received it this morning. So its about a 3 week wait period before you receive your letter. You'll likely receive your letter next week.

I took mine on the 4th of sept and currently waiting for the results. The two that have receive their results both got the "good popup" and both have passed. I have also received the good popup as well.

I took mine 8/22 nclexrn & sill nothing either. You're not alone.

For Californian, you have to pay for the license fee first before your name gets on the Bvnpt site. It takes about 2-4 weeks for your results. I waited 3 weeks for mine.

I took i my aug 13, 2014. And i think i pass cuz i been getting the good popup from the old and new trick! its suck that we dont have the quick result! Anyways i waited exactly 3weeks and 1day and i recieve the DCA sacramento letter "regular envelope" that says i passed my nclex. Its about 3weeks of waiting. Gud luck