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NCLEX PN Breeze account changes.

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I recently took the NCLEX PN on November 19, 2018. Fast forwarding to today, 12/06/2018, I have not received anything in the mail and have been relying on my ca breeze account for hope lol..anways, when I checked today, I have these 4 options:

Change name application

Request for verification letter

Vocational Nurse exam retake application

Vocational Nurse interim permit application

I mean I still have the retake option but the 4th one was new. Does this mean I passed or what..I've read countless forums on here and someone mentioned when they called breeze, the lady or someone updated it to " initial license " application and that person passed.. I want to believe I passed because that was the feeling I had when I lef the testing centre..

When I tried the application for vocational nursing by exam under the applications tab, I got these 3 errors:

"You are unable to proceed with this application at this time. This may be due to one of the following reasons:

1.A similar open application exists.

2.The license is cancelled.

3.The license is delinquent.

What does this mean? The same error shows when I try to apply for interim permit..I wish it would just show if I failed or not so I can get over the agonzing wait..can anyone enlighten me or share any similar experiences please so I do not lose hope or go insane while waiting.... THanks.

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The BVNPT is slowly processing as of this week results from Nov.19th and they are probably backed up plus it's the holidays and the end of the year. I would continue to wait until you get that official letter in the mail stating that you have met the requirements. When I failed twice I had that 4th option still there along with the third option.

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