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  1. NCLEX PN Ca Breeze account changes 2022

    I recently took the NCLEX PN on Thursday, September 29, 2022. Fast forwarding to today, Saturday 10/01/2022. I have been relying on my ca breeze account for hope LOL..anways, when I checked today, I have these 4 options: Change of name applicati...
  2. Answering Max Number of Questions on NCLEX

    Hello. Congrats on passing. I hope I live to know the feeling of finally passing NCLEX..I've taken the exam 4 times. This recent one, I went all the way to 130, NCLEX PN Covid 2020, and felt a little bit on edge. The last few questions were a mixture...
  3. NCLEX PN Results 2020

    Has anyone ever purchased the 48 hours quick results and got their pass/fail notice?.. How accurate are those unofficial results?..Has anyone ever gotten a fail when they purchased their quick results but got a passing letter in the mail when it...

    Sorry for the very late reply..I did not pass. I got my letter before christmas last year..anyways, I studied and took the NCLEX again 2 days ago, Dec 2 and I went all the way to the end with 130 questions. Not sure how I felt but the last few questi...
  5. NCLEX PN Results 2020

    I took the NCLEX PN on 12/2/2020. Much to my surprise, I went all the way to 130 questions, the very end. I felt a bit elated but not too great as well. My question is, with how ridiculous the waiting time is here in California, how long does it take...

    Did you get any results yet? any changes to your breeze account?

    I want to apply back on breeze under applications but it won't let me..

    I most likely failed anyways so nothing to look forward too. I did find out my letter got mailed out on December 7th..

    Ohh I see. Well that gives me hope. I just need to see initial application for licensure on my breeze so I'll be 90% sure haha
  10. NCLEX PN

    I know. You passed for sure. If you have that initial application for licensure and are able to pay the $150, you most likely passed. I don't have that option yet... lol but when you go under applications and select your board and application type, d...
  11. NCLEX PN Breeze account changes.

    No updates yet.. BVNPT said, after being on hold for about 1 hour and a half, that they don't mail out results anymore... Pearson does... I'm like what??... then the lady verified all my information and said well that's interesting you haven't had yo...
  12. NCLEX PN

    Do you get that same error message above as well when you apply to re-take the exam under the applications tab?..
  13. NCLEX PN

    I hope I passed lol..having the initial licensure application is almost a guarantee pass so you most likely passed..but thanks. I called the board and after 1 hour and 25 minutes being on hold, the lady said, " oh we do not mail out the letters, pear...
  14. NCLEX PN

    At least you got that and that's a good sign... I still the permit option......
  15. NCLEX PN

    Oh okay, I don't see anything. It says cant find... dunno if I'm doing it right tho