NCLEX, Nov 17th, 0800hrs!

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Hey all - the final countdown is on!

I am a recent graduate from Canada, just wrote my CRNE in June successfully (woot!).

I am headed down to MN to tackle the NCLEX now, as I have a conditional offer out in Tacoma, WA for an RN position in critical care provided I pass my NCLEX.

Any other Canadians recently write the NCLEX or are planning? I bought Saunders, Kaplan and the Kaplan medication book and have gone thru over 3000 qs and the books almost in their entirety. I also downloaded a few iPhone apps with practice questions.

Anxious to get this over with though, and praying for a positive outcome!

Good luck!

I will be praying for you because my RN test is the 20th.:)

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