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NCLEX in less than 2 weeks!


I'm taking the NCLEX September 8 and I am terrified! I've been using Kaplan to study. I'm about halfway through the qbank questions, and I listened to all of the review of content lectures and took notes. I saw on another thread something about NCLEX3500 for practice with alternate questions, but I am doing terrible with the select all that apply. Even worse, I know that people that pass get a ton of those! Any advice? I have a job offer hanging from this as well, which makes it even more scary.

Get fresh on sata. Not trying to freak you out. Took mine nclex rn on Monday and shut off at 75. I had about 45 sata. I passed. Florida gives you quick results. I found out this am and I'm already issued a license. Seeing your name is USF I'm guessing Tampa area?

Yes, I'm from the Tampa area. I ordered a book that I saw people posting about on here for alternate questions. I practice with Kaplan and I feel like I always miss select all that apply questions. Even if I do true/false for each part there is always one I don't know. What did you use to study?

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You have the Lippincott one?

Keep doing that book. About half way through I started not seeing an improvement in my scores. You have to learn how to do those questions, it's a skill. 3/4 of the way through I was getting 7-9 out of 10 right which was a huge leap from the 2-3 when I started. I don't think I had a drastic content improvement I just learned how they worked.

Yes I ordered the lippincott one I should have it Friday. I think those are my weakest area so I definitely plan on spending a lot of time with that book.

I did the hurst review and read a hesi book from evolve. The 4th edition. Hesi was a lot like nclex to me anyways. Both sources helped tremendously. You got this!! Just keep doin. What your doing and do a lot of sata.

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The Saunders 5th Edition CD has an option where you can select all SATA questions so that may help!