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Nclex and how I passed.

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I took my exam monday June 16th and spent most of my time on this site looking at the success stories and the various posts of wisdom on how to prepare for this exam. Preparing for this exam mentally was just as important as studying I believe.

I prepared so much for the exam about 3 and half weeks after graduation, and I felt like my test taking skills improved. The weekend before my test I was insufferable, I was able to distract myself, but tried to keep positive thoughts. I had wrote on the board about a week before "MY NAME RN, BSN"....the morning of the test I got up at 4 am ( testing at 8 am) and had some protein and left at 6:30. I had prepared to be there early just in case of any accidents or any delays that happened along the way. Got in the testing center and started that test at 7:30...the next 3 and 1/2 hours were perhaps the worst of my life. I had palpitations, my palm was sweaty and I was shaking with every question. CLicked 75...76 popped up...all the way to 100. Then 150, then 200. I took a break and said " This thing hasn't decided your fate yet!" and went back with a better mind and the thing shut off at 223. At that point I thought I failed. I got up and made the longest walk of my life to my locker and retrieved my personal items, and walked in the heat to the car. I sat in the car and I asked if I wanted to know now if I failed. I prepared myself mentally for the cc page, and had already prepped myself on what resources I could use to prepare for the second time. I was ready for that cc page and to move on.

After 5 minutes of maneuvering through the pearson vue website, I hit enter and saw the good pop up. THE GOOD POP UP was there. At this moment, I proceeded to just let go and breakdown. I don't cry, I'm a 6 foot 2 big guy, and i could remember all the past suffering I went through the last 4 years...and now it was all over. It was the best cathartic cry I've ever had. I drove home in awe and the next day my license was active.

My advice: Prepare your mind my friends! Don't get sidetracked! I was thinking about my stress, when i wish I should have taken a break much earlier and calmed myself down. and if that darn test don't shut off, you keep trucking on! Each question is a stepping stone to your license! If you can't think clearly...take a few minutes to breathe. PLEASE BREATHE. DEEP BREATHS really do help you and allow you to regain focus. Take others out of the equation, like other failures or passes, THIS IS YOUR MOMENT. Your success is not contingent on others! You totally have the power to pass this exam! One can only divulge information from a calm mind, so breathe and don't stress out too much. All the best wishes my friends :)


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Congratulations AlmostRN2014! :woot: You may want to update you screen name now. ;)

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Hi Mr. RN, congrats to you and I am so very proud of you. Thank you for the encouragement. You will truly be a great nurse.

Congratulations, RN! Thanks for the encouragement and advice!