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the computer shuts off at 75, i stare blankly at the screen for several minutes, did i pass or did i fail, heaven only knows, any helpful hints before the wait kills me? :(

It shut off at 75 for me too. I'll bet you passed with flying colors!

I took mine just 3 weeks ago. It shut off at 75 questions. I "knew" I missed number 75. I could think of several questions that I was convinced that I missed. I felt AWFUL. Couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, was crabby with my family, etc. I KNEW I failed.

Then unexpectantly I received a big white envelope when I was not expecting it (only 9 days later, but seemed like years). It had my name and RN written on the front, and the first word I noticed inside was "congratulations".

And if it helps any, 4 of my friends' tests shut off at 75 questions, too. They all passed, too. And all but 1 felt like they failed.

Good luck! The odds are with you!!! TRY to relax.


Remember how the NCLEX is designed to work. Don't beat yourself up thinking about the questions you know you missed. You are SUPPOSED to miss a lot of the questions. It is the difficulty level of the questions that is important because the computer is determining your level of proficiency. If you tended to do well on your tests in nursing school you should have no reason to worry.

Hang in there you will know soon!!! If it is any consolation, I have never met anyone who's computer cut off at 75 to fail!! I know they say it has happened, and I understand how the computer exam works, however IMHO, I think the odds are better when the computer shuts off at 75. Good luck to you and congradulations on your recent graduation! :)

Hello altern8! I just wanted to let you know I am in the same boat as you. I just took my test on Monday and let me tell you, I left that place thinking - well guess I better start looking through my study book again, I suck, and so on and so forth....Mine shut off at 75 also and I kept thinking "NO NO I need more questions to prove myself!!" but I think I am just going to breath easy thinking that what's done is done and fretting about it like this isn't going to get me a passing letter. So...breath, take a bubble bath, go take a few days in the mountains or something, and when you come back you will feel refreshed and jump for joy when you see you passed!!! :D

I was already working on my temporary license when I took the boards. I really threw myself into learning all that I could at work. I didn't talk about it to anyone...kind of out of sight, out if mind, you know?

Relax. I know how hard it is to do, but just try to keep your mind and your hands busy.

BTW, I only went to 75 questions, too;)


It is usually a good sign if it stops at 75. I remember I went out to my car and reworked the math problem for critical care drugs and wished I had more questions too. I had already started my job on a cardiac/telemetry floor and knew they were counting on me to of not failed. The pressure was there. I was so thrilled when I got my letter saying i passed and was an RN. I won't ever forget it.

There are so many personal rewards that go with this job. You have your down days and busy days and thankless days, but deep within, it is so rewarding. I try to keep learning and studying when I can. Welcome to a wonderful profession!!!


Seventy five questions.....I wonder how many of us OLD BIRDIES would trade our 5 tests of 200 questions each given over 2 days!!

You had to pass all 5 or you didn't get the license. They gathered us in a huge room, passed out booklets, you couldn't have anything on the table, you had to have a proctor with you if you had to go to the bathroom...and then you had to leave the stall door open!!!

I don't know which I'd prefer....I think the old way.


altern8- I am in the exact same boat so I know how you feel. I took mine almost two weeks ago. It shut off at 75 and at first I felt surprised and o. k. THEN I started rehashing the questions I thought I could remember and began to panic! I can't say that my anxiety is completely under control but I have tried to remember that I studied my heart out in nursing school and what's done is done. I will be thinking of you! Let us know how you did and I will do the same.

:D :D :D :D :D

It took the board two weeks to let me know, but i did it, i now have a shiny new license to show for all the torture of nursing school. Never thought i would be able to do it.

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Dear altern8,

Congratulations on passing your boards!!!!

Welcome to the profession!

Good luck with your career!

I knew you could do it !! ;)


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