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I am so confused about when to take my NCLEX exam. If someone could offer me some advice please!

So I graduated this past Saturday May 16th.

My Kaplan Review Course is from May 26-29.

I then leave for Europe on June 7 until June 29.

I wanted to take the exam before I left but that leaves me with about two weeks to prepare with the inclusion of the Kaplan Course. (should have thought the vacation through better, I know)

My confusion is whether to just take it or wait until after I come back from Europe on June 29. I would reschedule my Kaplan but the next Kaplan Review Course near my house does not end until July 17. I would spend another 2 weeks studying and then take the exam the first week of August.

Which option is better? logical? will help me pass??

Thank you so much for your input!

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I remember my instructors telling us to take the board ASAP. The longer you wait the more you forget. Why would you wait? The longer you wait, the longer it will take you to get a job. Then you have to explain to employers why it took you so long to get your license. Some of them are probably going to suspect you are lying to cover up that you flunked the NCLEX on your first try. That's something I wouldn't want to deal with because it will restrict the types of jobs you can get.

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Op, hope they fix the mistake. Just as a heads up, you can work before you pass the boards if your state gives GN licenses. Typically, you're given 90 days to pass the boards-if you fail, then you can't continue working as a GN though.

I worked with many a nurse who didn't pass the first time and I wasn't given any special notice because I passed the first time..all they care about is that license. I'd do this on a timetable you are comfortable with.

I waited so long because my school was slow in getting paperwork out, and I felt pretty good about the test(I'm an excellent test taker)so I saw no need to rush it.

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