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I just graduated with my BSN! I'm ready to take this NCLEX and rock it...only I'm dead broke. The job I landed told me I had to take the exam by a certain date. Since I don't get paid for awhile and have a PCA's salary, I was wondering if there were any resources I could tap to help me pay the 200$ NCLEX fee and the $110 FBON fee plus fingerprint fee ASAP. Any leads are appreciated. Thanks for your time.

dbrenda1510, Sorry to hear about having to retake the NCLEX. That time in your life couldn't have been easy. Elkpark, while I did know about the fees, I had many unexpected bills in the short 15 months I was in school. So, no, there was no way for me to save money. I was barely making ends meet all through nursing school. Plus, I was told that my scholarship and school would cover licensure. It's part of the reason I accepted a bid from the program. Anyway, I am happy to report that my NCLEX was paid for by my scholarship, which is great because my student loans were crippling me and I my car broke down! Can't wait to pass and be making RN salary. It would really take the load off. Thanks everyone who gave honest and kind responses.

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