nclex failure


Has anyone tried the new PVT ,cause I tried it and went all three pages,then it said need new credit card? Did I fail or what? Very upset now .

PVT only works if you put in a credit card and submit it. I would only recommend doing it using s prepaid card or someone else said use an in correct expiration date to avoid it charging you if it does.

Remember that it isn't 100% and there are stories of people being charged, even though they did pass.

It takes everyone to the submit page.

I did the PVT last Monday (January 26th) an it worked for me.


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If it's asking for a new payment information, you didn't pass.

it can be wrong though!!


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I will look again, do you have to have to 200.00 on the card to submit. Or no cause I don't have it ,but knowing my school history I probably fail,will try again.


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You don't have to have 200 on the card to attempt thid. If you pass it will give you the good pop up. Otherwise, it will say insufficient fund or card error. This means they system attempted to charge the card but couldn't


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Prior to 24 hours after completion of your exam, your pop ups mean nothing. You might have passed, you might have failed. AFTER 24 hours your exam has been scored TWICE, and is final.

Wait 24 hours before doing PVT or....why bother?