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For all of you who may be feeling overwhelmed, keep your head up because you will do better than you think. I took the test and passed!!!! I'm so excited. Felt like I failed when I finished the test. Did t even realize how many questions I had, time flew by and screen went blue in less than two hours. I really thought I failed and was already planning on taking it again.....but low and behold 48hrs later I checked and it showed PASS!!!

BTW- the PVT still works. I checked 40 mins after I took the test and I got the good pop up window. Checked several times and it always gave me the "good" pop up window. So yes, it does still work.

For all of you who are taking the test, you got this!!!, you own this test, you survive nursing school and this test doesn't define the kind of nurse you will be!! Good luck to all of you.


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Congratulations on passing!

I have awhile before I have to take it (not until Aug/Sept 2015), but I've already been warned it's terrible hard. Thanks for the positive advice!


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Congratulations!!!! All your hard work paid off.. now go and celebrate! :)

Thank you very much!!! ;)


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Congrats on passing!!! Was this RN or PN?

What was your study regimen? I am taking mine next week and using using Kaplan but keep getting low 60s on the practice tests. Kinda freaking me out :/

Thank you!!

NCLEX-PN with the help of the Saunders Book and online. I did 200 questions daily on the computer with the Saunders. I also did the NCBS three week course which was very helpful. I know it's very hard but try to relax and remember everything you learned through nursing school and clinicals!

you got this!!! Good luck

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