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Nclex Exam

by Annapg Annapg (New) New

Hi, I am new here and i don't know if this is the right forum for me.

I am a registered nurse with bachelor's degree from Isreal, and I would like to take the NCLEX exam in NY. I want to buy books can anybody recommend me some good books?

Does the NCLEX grade maters when you are appling for work? How many times you can do the exam? are there any advices?:icon_roll

Are there any main issues in the exam?

Any information will be happily accepted with regard to the Nclex exam:yawn:

Thank's for any information!!!

Hi Anna,

Welcome to Allnurses website. Don't worry, this website is very good and and you will learn a lot about other members experiences about the NCLEX. I am a foreign grad nurse too and I am scheduled to take my NCLEX on the 29th of December. I am using like 4 different kinds of book right now. Saunders 3rd edition, Kaplan strategy book, Lacharity and one book i borrowed at the public library. I find them very useful and very user-friendly. And most of the candidates and those who already passed the exam recommends the Saunders 4th edition, Prioritization, Delegation and Assignment by Lacharity and are taking classes or online classes on Kaplan. They also gave good reviews about the NCSBN review online and it is a lot cheaper. I am also thinking about enrolling there, eventhough I only have few weeks left. I am just focusing on the resources that I have now. I am currently in Kentucky and in here you are allowed to take NCLEX every 45 days after failing it. I am not sure in NY. YOu should contact the NY board of nursing there and inquire bout there policy/ies. Goodluck to you! God Bless!:saint:

Licensure formalities need to be in progress or should be before you even begin to prepare. There are many other steps that you will need to go thru for licensure before you will be given permission to sit for the NCLEX exam. It is not possible to apply for it directly, one will apply for licensure as an RN, in your case, it would be NY. They require that the CVS be completed by CGFNS and this can take anywhere from six to eight months on average. Then figure another month or so before NY grants approval.

As a foreign grad, and even for Americans, I always recommend that one start with and use only one book, you want something that is going to be giving the best rationales. You are also going to need additional time to familiarize yourself with the names of medications used in the US as well as lab values, not all are going to be the same as what you are used to. But what you have in your favor is that the majority of nursing practice in Israel is quite similar to that of the US so that gives you a bonus and a headstart as well from some other nurses that are preparing for this exam.

Please take the time to do some reading here, there is much that is already posted.

Thanks for all the advices.

Is there anybody from Isreal who went through this process and can tell about it?

Why does it take so long before you can take Nclex exam?

I want to know if there are main topics that I should focus on more: topics more important than others, are there topics that recur in exams?

thanks in advance:icon_roll

There are many from Israel that are now working in the US. And they have all gone thru the process.

You will find more of them posting on the International Forum rather than the NCLEX Forum.

The exam is the final step in the licensing process, it is far from being the only step as well. NY also takes the longest out of all of the states because the CVS must be completed first. This is needed also if one goes for licensure in another state and then endorses to NY if they have trained out of the US.

Much has been written about this on the International Forum as well.

Would highly recommend that you read the Primer at the top of the International Forum, there is much information that you need to be aware of. You also need to be aware of the retrogression and the fact that it is going to take years to be able to work in the US once you pass this exam. You will still need to pass the English exams and get a Visa Screen Certificate as well.

As I stated above, it is going to depend on if you have already sent in your application to CGFNS for the CVS or not. You are looking at about 6 to 8 months before the CVS will be completed on average.

Anything that is covered in a nursing program in the US is game to be on the exam. Each exam is going to be different and individually based on how the previous question was asked. In terms of preparing for this exam, every area needs to be covered. Much has already been written here on what one needs to do to pass the exam, or with help in preparing; suggest that you have a good read here. But please do some reading on the International Forum first. Not sure if you are already aware of all of the additional steps that you are going to need to go thru. It is not as simple as just writing the NCLEX exam.

No matter which country that someone is from, the process is exactly the same for all.

It will take at least three months to prepare if you have a good, solid background. Longer if you need to do more reviewing first.

for a book to use to study, i definitely recommend saunders, very good, i also used kaplan and ncsbn, apparently wasnt able to pass my exam the first time so now i am gunna go with the suzannes plan, seems like tons of people here tried it and helped them a lot, so will do that too. keep your motivations there, be focused and get inspired

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