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  1. princess_sophie

    Name change and NCLEX

    hey yall! I recently got married, and something just occured to me, i had a name change due to my marriage (i carried my husband's last name) yet i applied for my nclex-rn exam a year ago with my Maiden name and now i am wondering, should i call the BON and have them change my name or should i wait until i get my RN until i change my name. i also need to call them cause i am moving this weekend and i need to have them change my address on my application
  2. princess_sophie

    kaplan questiontrainer

    yea your scores are pretty good, compared on how i did my kaplan qt's. qt 6 and qt 7 are very very hard questions, make sure you scored a high score on those last 2 exams... i think i did great, but i still flunked, i dunno what happened, i guess the fact that i crammed before my test day got into me. the nervousness, the fear of the unknown etc. so i suggest you get your nails done, do some shopping or whatever that makes you happy or relaxed the day before you sit in to your test. again, never cram, good luck to you
  3. princess_sophie

    tomorrow is my 2nd time to take the NCLEX-RN

    i remembered the day before i took my test i crammed, i scanned all my reviewers, textbooks, etc, and you know what? it didn't help me in any way, i flunked. lesson learned, i know before i sit on my nclex test again, ima make the day before my test, a spa day. and congratulations by the way
  4. princess_sophie

    Which advice to follow, Kaplan or Saunders SICKLE CELL

    i have encountered stuff like this too, wherein i read from kaplan is different from what i learned from saunders or from what i learned on my medical surgical textbooks in nursing school, i hope there's some advices on how we can answer those types of questions.
  5. princess_sophie

    Nclex Exam

    for a book to use to study, i definitely recommend saunders, very good, i also used kaplan and ncsbn, apparently wasnt able to pass my exam the first time so now i am gunna go with the suzannes plan, seems like tons of people here tried it and helped them a lot, so will do that too. keep your motivations there, be focused and get inspired
  6. princess_sophie

    Passed NCLEX-RN!!!

    congrats you beat the nclex monster
  7. princess_sophie

    Completely Devastated: Didn't Pass on My 5th Try

    dont give up i failed twice already and i am still not giving up! keep you head up high
  8. princess_sophie

    Official passing notice

    congratulations, im so happy for you. wow!
  9. congratulations!!!! im very happy for you
  10. princess_sophie

    NCLEX RN- Ran out of time with 200 questions! But still passed!!!

    congrats RN
  11. princess_sophie

    Thank you!

    congrats way to go
  12. princess_sophie

    GOD IS GOOD! I Passed NCLEX-RN....1st Time!!!

    congratulations RN