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NCLEX Exam Cram - PN


Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum, but have been reading around for a while. I am currently preparing myself to take the LVN boards exam, but have not done the paper works yet. So, I do not have a test date or anything set due to the fact that I am unemployed & have no source of income. My parents are working their butts off to help get that money so I can take the boards :( I am nervous about it, since it won't be my money & it IS a lot of money, I would like to pass it the first time around. The problem is, I only have 2 books to study off from, Incredibly Easy & Saunders 3rd ed, but Saunders did not come with a CD. I hard that Exam Cram is another good source & I was wondering, does anyone have the Exam Cram book that they don't want anymore or don't mind donating to me so I can study ahead of time until I know when my test date is, please? I live in Central Cali.

Thank you in advance everyone & good luck to those who are taking their LVN/LPN boards soon! ^_^

Look for review books at your library. Good luck.