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NCLEX exam cancelled


I am booked to do my NCLEX exam next week, got my ATT from the board and recieved my appointment confirmation via email from Pearson Vue & exam date & time was on my account at their site. However, when I went to check everything was ok with exam date time etc via the internet (just because!) I couldn't log on.

I rang Pearson Vue and my account, exam etc has been cancelled due to payment mix up! And they have had to send this on to the board of nursing to approve re-applying to sit NCLEX!!!!

OMG it's only next week and it's bank holiday weekend (in UK where I am)

Will they let me sit exam? When?

Will this go against me with the board?

They said I shouldn't have to pay again as it is their fault (vue pearson) but they can't let me sit exam or reschedule until board so say!!!!

It's their fault & apparently this was a problem when I booked the exam in June-so why did I get a confirmation appointment email, and why didn't they tell me? I could of sorted this out months ago!

I had paid the registration fee $200 and the exam fee $150 (outside of US)

Now I'm all upset worried-should I complain or is this just a little niche that can be sorted out? Has anyone else heard or come across this problem?

Vue Pearson didn't even applogise & now I'm left with no exam date or confirmation that I am even going to be allowed one? :angryfire

Boo Hoo help!!!!:o

Now Pearson vue are saying I am booked on the test centre spreadsheet to take the exam, and that it hasn't been cancelled! OMG what's going on? Pearson Vue manager has already sent an email to the CA BON :nono:

I'll have to wait until Tuesday to ring again to confirm everything:angryfire

You should be just fine. Glitches do happen. It does not count against you with the Board of Nursing for your state that you applied thru. Nothing to worry about.

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