wrong input at pearsonvue reg..

  1. hi everyone. is it necessary to call the calif board of nursing if my phone no. appears to be wrong at the confirmation they sent after registration? thanks. (dis is my friends prob and i dont know what to say to her regarding the phone call to the bon)
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  3. by   praeclarus
    Registration where exactly? Registration in pearsonvue for the exam or application for licensure in California? You entitled your thread as "wrong input at pearsonvue reg" so I assume that the phone number appears wrong in her pearsonvue account. If that is the case, she can change her phone number in her account anytime. She can even add an alternate address if she wants. :roll
  4. by   fhyre19
    the registration for her att. the confirmation she received has a wrong phone no.
  5. by   praeclarus
    She can change her number anytime by logging in at Pearson Vue.